Watch Out for Imposters!

We have been notified that there is at least one group in the OKC metro going door-to-door posing as The Bug Guy and soliciting business. We never go door-to-door soliciting business. Don’t let strangers into your home! We will always wear shirts with “The Bug Guy” printed on them and drive clearly marked vehicles with The Bug Guy logo. there-is-only-one


Eat Your Insects?

istock_000015466331_mediumThe practice of eating insects is known as entomophagy.
There is a good chance that if you are reading this that the idea of eating insects is not an appetizing one. Did you know that the United States and Europe are a minority when it comes to eating insects, though? And it has only been in recent history that we have turned from consuming insects as much of the world has done for thousands of years.

In the United States, our enjoyment of shrimp, lobster, oysters or pork is seen with the same distaste and horror from parts of the world that insect-eating often provokes in members of the western world. 

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization released a report with the goal of encouraging the U.S. to begin moving toward insect farming as a solution to the world’s population boom and argues that raising insects is better for the environment, requires less resources than cattle or pork and provides better nutrition.









The Bug Guy isn’t recommending that you walk out into your yard, pick up a few crickets and start chowing down. For one, those insects may have been in contact with pesticides.  We are only sharing a topic that some find interesting. Looking at a possible future of American cuisine, we aren’t necessarily sold on the idea. Are you up for it? Scroll to the bottom for recipes.



Ants are Everywhere!

Ants are no fun at the park, at a picnic, and certainly not in the kitchen. Year after year though ants search, tirelessly, for some way into your home or apartment. If you see one or two you can be sure there are much more you don’t see just waiting to make your life miserable.

Ants can be attracted to your home for a number of reasons. It could be because your house is dry and it isn’t outside. It could also be because it is too dry outside and they are searching for water. They are also attracted to some electric equipment, pumps, and wells. Either way, the scouts will find food and water and let the rest of the colony know. You could go to bed one night and wake up to an ant feast in your kitchen the next morning!

We are getting a lot of calls for people needing help with ants and also seeing people on Twitter and Facebook talking about the ants invading their homes. No doubt, many of you are already experiencing them or will be soon. Don’t wait until you have a mess to deal with. Call us today and let us take care of those pesky ants once and for all.

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Your Oklahoma City Pest Control Resource

Spring is here for Oklahoma City and pest control is starting to come to the minds of homeowners. Warmer temperatures, rainy weather, as well as animals and people spending more time outdoors, tends to bring more of the insects and bugs indoors. The Bug Guy wants to be your Oklahoma City Pest Control source. Add this website to your bookmarks- it is a great resource!

Identifying Insects

Use our services page to identify what you see.

Do you think you may have captured a brown recluse spider? Do you wonder what the physical differences are between ants and termites? Our services pages offer detailed information and photographs so that you know what you are looking at and how to handle the situation. Remember, if it bugs you call The Bug Guy.


Our blog is full of articles to keep you up to date with the latest creepy crawly thing that is in the OKC metro area. Are you worried about bed bugs? Did you know that termites can attack your home within 1 year of construction? Are you having an issue with fleas? Do you have questions about mosquitoes and the Zika virus? We have written a blog to answer your questions and we are always writing new ones. Are you interested in a particular topic that we haven’t covered? We would love to hear your suggestions for upcoming topics. Recommend it to us on our Facebook page or on Twitter!

Call Anytime

We work with homeowners and commercial properties within the Oklahoma City metro area. Yes, we are Oklahoma City Termite Specialists, but we are experts on all types of insects and pests that you may encounter in OKC. Put our phone number on your phone now. 405-973-5522 You may not need an exterminator or termite control this week but when you do all you have to do is call and we will be there for you.

The Bug Guy Gets Rid of Bed Bugs

Where did bed bugs come from?

Originally from tropical climates, bed bugs were almost completely eliminated in the US in the 1940s. Their modern day comeback is most likely due to easier and more frequent international travel. While it seems as though the bed bug problem is growing awareness has just increased. Still, most of us don’t like the idea of something creeping on us in our sleep or using us for their meal.

bed bugsPest ControlHow Bed Bugs Travel 

Bed bugs are excellent travelers. They slip into luggage, folded clothes, briefcases, shoes, furniture – virtually anything you can bring into your home. Bed bugs are found in hotels, airplanes, movie theaters – pretty much anywhere people are. And we are their transportation. While bed bugs have been found on pets, their preferred meal and transport is human.

Who is at risk

Anyone is at risk for getting bed bugs, however, those who spends a lot of time sleeping where other people have slept are at a greater risk and should develop a bed bug checking “ritual” for checking into their hotel room.

Hotel Pro Tip: Keep luggage raised and in the bathroom

Check the linens, mattress and behind the headboard for bed bugs or their droppings. Also check the nightstand, drawers, telephone and even books. Bed bugs will most likely be within 15 feet of the bed (but not always). If you want to hang your clothes or use the dresser, be sure to inspect carefully. If you see any signs of bed bugs, alert the hotel staff immediately.

In the Neighborhood

Another place we are seeing bed bugs being transported from one location to the next is from yard sales.

Pay particular attention to:

  • Bed Frames/Mattresses
  • End Tables/DressersInfested with Bed Bugs? Call The Bug Guy OKC
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Clothing/Shoes
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Mirrors and picture frames

Does a sale seem too good to be true? See a yard with a filled with enough furniture to fill a house? This could be a sign of someoneistock_000015988333_large-500x406 wanting to ditch their infested furniture on you and make a buck. It isn’t very nice but it does happen.

Someone could still sell their furniture without realizing they have a bedbug problem. That is why it is very important to inspect items carefully for bugs, casings or droppings.

What you can do if you suspect you have bed bugs

Save any bed bugs you find. Don’t assume you will find a lot – you may not! But if you do see one or more, collect them in a closed jar and put them in the freezer. You may need to show them to a pest control company and/or your landlord. Do not begin removing furniture and other belongings from your home or apartment. Doing so will only cause them to spread out. Contact your landlord if they make the pest control decisions for your dwelling or call The Bug Guy to get rid of your bed bugs.

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

When growing up as a kid, mom used to tuck us in and pray for us and then make this statement. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite! I’m sure a large quantity of us have heard this statement at some point in our lives. I used to ask why she would make that statement and she would basically tell me not to worry about it that bed bugs were a myth. I accepted that for the truth and never worried about them until recently. Actually, about six years ago we started taking calls about bed bugs and I had to stop and research this issue. Bed bugs were a problem in the past but seemed to disappear for years! Bed Bugs are for real and are becoming a huge issue worldwide! We believe that here in the United States bed bugs just about completely disappeared. We believe that bed bugs started becoming more prevalent after so much travel to the Middle east during all the conflicts. Wherever they came from the fact is that we are experiencing infestations in many places now.

It is imperative to educate yourself on how to identify what they look like or signs of where they may be. Bed bugs only grow to about a 1/4 inch in length, After a feeding, bed bugs turn a reddish brown. Bed bugs are oval shaped and flat. They are excellent at hiding. Bed bug feces is black and will leave black spots where they hide or will literally squeeze into tight spaces squeezing their feces out. Again the feces is blackish in color.

Bed bugs show up in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, college dorms, daycare, basically anywhere host are. Host being ourselves and pets.I have researched about if pets can be a host and have found that yes, animals can be a host. We have also found bed bugs in used furniture and used clothes. I highly recommend thoroughly looking over a hotel room before unpacking. I also recommend treating any used furniture before bringing furniture into your home. Used clothes should be washed in hot water and dried with high heat.

Bed Bug infestations are growing and growing. Again educate yourself on what to look for and how to possibly prevent infestations. Call or email us today for treatment options.

Record setting high temperatures!

Oklahoma City is experiencing record-setting high temperatures this week. With warm weather here it is the perfect ingredient for insects to start appearing. We have already started taking calls on spiders, ants, and termites. It is important to keep up a regular schedule of pest control treatments to prevent insect infestations, especially during this warm week. Spiders and ants will be increasing their activity in order to survive. Termites are active all year long. Do not let an infestation occur. Call The Bug Guy for a free bid for treatment. We would be happy to inspect your home at no charge and make any recommendations that may be needed!

The ants are marching in!

Yes, the ants are marching in. The winter conditions will push ants inside. They do not like the cold and too much moisture in the way or rain, sleet or snow. Ants need dry warm areas to build colonies. Ants will forage for food and enough moisture to sustain their colonies. Once ants have established this the colony will grow to cause sometimes heavy infestations inside your home. To help prevent ant infestation it is imperative to eliminate places around the exterior of your home that ants can thrive in. Such as piles of leaves, rock piles, wood piles or thick landscaping areas. The Bug Guy also recommends having your house treated around the exterior to help prevent ant infestations for occurring. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Termites survive in cold weather

corner-termite-damageTermites will survive in cold weather. They continue to function throughout fall and winter. Termites do not hibernate. I found termite activity recently on an extremely cold day. In Oklahoma, it does not stay below freezing long enough to detour termites from foraging for food. Food being dead or decaying trees, bushes, lumber stacked on the ground or our homes! I’ve heard from many customers that they did not feel it was necessary to treat for termites in the winter. Please do not fall for that. Termites are survivors and will survive and do more damage if left alone or untreated. Please take advantage of our free termite inspections and have us come out and inspect. Email us or call today.

Fall Season Preparations

With cold weather approaching insects are making their way towards shelter. The shelter can be our homes. Leaves are falling and collecting fall-picaround our homes. With falling temperatures, many types of ground cover will wilt and die. The combination of leaves and wilted ground cover in our gardens are the perfect places for insects to take shelter. As part of the fall pest control prevention plan, it is wise to keep the exterior of our homes free from fall debris. Fall always brings out the spiders, ants, and many other crawling insects. Not only cleaning up the fall debris but also having the exterior perimeter of your home chemically treated for pest will help prevent nasty pest from entering your home.

I also want to reiterate the necessity of having your home inspected for termites during fall and winter. It is a myth that termites go away during cold months. Oklahoma does not stay cold enough long enough to combat termites. I have found live termites feeding on fall debris and wood stacks next to homes in freezing temperatures. Again keep debris raked up and do not stack firewood up against your home in the winter or any time of year. Please call us for a free termite inspection any time of the year. Stay proactive to protect your investment.