How Safe is Your Home from Pests this Winter?

Most people don’t think they need to get their homes sprayed for bugs in the winter due to the cold weather. Unfortunately, Oklahoma had a blackwidow-300x236very mild winter last year, and we haven’t seen a lasting freeze yet this winter.

We are getting a lot of calls for help with spiders and scorpions simply because it’s not getting cold enough and winter pest control is necessary. I strongly suggest for you to walk around your home and move any wood, rock, or brick piles away from your house. This will help prevent the further spread of spiders, scorpions, and other insects. Also, if you have a lot of landscaping, keep an eye out for sporadic webs which black widows are continuing to build since it’s not too cold for them yet.

Another thing I’ve been noticing a lot of is kissing beetles and box elder beetles around trees. Since the lack of a good freeze isn’t killing them, they are multiplying and they can move from trees to houses. If you look at your trees and see these bugs, the best thing to do is get an exterminator to spray them and prevent them from moving into your home.

Spiders and scorpions will also gather in garages, so it’s a really good idea to clean out your garage at least once or twice a year. It would be a good idea to clean out your garage the best you can, while you are putting your decorations away after Christmas. You can take a Shop-Vac and vacuum up any white egg sacs you find along with any spiders and insects you come across. Be sure to clean out your vacuum when you’re done and if you notice a lot of spiders, scorpions, or insects contact a professional!

Termites Myth: “Termites quit eating on homes during winter.” Most people believe they are safe from termites during winter, but it’s not true. During a termite inspection in 18 degree weather, I flipped over a piece of wood in a pile next to a house and termites were eating the wood right up next to the house.

If you think you may have a problem with spiders, scorpions, termites, or other insects, feel free to contact The Bug Guy at (405) 973-5522 and take advantage of our free inspections so that we may stop them quickly. If we don’t see any problems, you won’t be charged a penny!

Bee or Wasp? Which is It?

When we see a flying insect that resembles a wasp or bee, we usually don’t spend much time looking to see which it is. We run! But there are differences between the two that extend beyond appearances.

Spiders in Oklahoma

Zebra Spider Macro

There are many types of spiders in Oklahoma, although only the Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders are considered dangers to people. If you are like a lot of people we know, it doesn’t matter if a spider can or will bite you. Just knowing one is hiding under your bed or crawling across your floor is enough for to want to call The Bug Guy and have us spray their home, getting rid of the pests once and for all. 

Zika and West Nile Virus

Beware Mosquito

Zika Facts
First isolated in Uganda’s Zika forest in 1949, the Zika virus has recently gained a lot of exposure in the Americas due mostly to an increase of birth defects. The Zika virus is related to The West Nile Virus, yellow fever and dengue fever. There are two known strains of the Zika Virus. The strain found in the Americas is most closely related to the Asian strain. This current pandemic began in 2007. Between 1951 and 1981 the virus spread throughout countries in Africa and Asia, however until 2007 confirmed cases of the disease were rare. The first confirmed case in Brazil was in May 2015.

6 Termite Myths Debunked

Myth: You only need to worry about termites if you live in an older home.
Termite inspections should be done every year especially if you have not had your home treated in the last 5 years. Even brand new homes should be inspected within two years of construction. 

How To Keep A Termite Happy During Winter

Termites are fans of the little things. Provide your termites a little food, water and a cozy environment and they will multiply into a colony that takes over your home. There are things you can do to make your home less comfortable for these costly pests, though!

Eat Your Insects?

istock_000015466331_mediumThe practice of eating insects is known as entomophagy.
There is a good chance that if you are reading this that the idea of eating insects is not an appetizing one. Did you know that the United States and Europe are a minority when it comes to eating insects, though? And it has only been in recent history that we have turned from consuming insects as much of the world has done for thousands of years.

In the United States, our enjoyment of shrimp, lobster, oysters or pork is seen with the same distaste and horror from parts of the world that insect-eating often provokes in members of the western world. 

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization released a report with the goal of encouraging the U.S. to begin moving toward insect farming as a solution to the world’s population boom and argues that raising insects is better for the environment, requires less resources than cattle or pork and provides better nutrition.









The Bug Guy isn’t recommending that you walk out into your yard, pick up a few crickets and start chowing down. For one, those insects may have been in contact with pesticides.  We are only sharing a topic that some find interesting. Looking at a possible future of American cuisine, we aren’t necessarily sold on the idea. Are you up for it? Scroll to the bottom for recipes.



Ants are Everywhere!

Ants are no fun at the park, at a picnic, and certainly not in the kitchen. Year after year though ants search, tirelessly, for some way into your home or apartment. If you see one or two you can be sure there are much more you don’t see just waiting to make your life miserable.

Ants can be attracted to your home for a number of reasons. It could be because your house is dry and it isn’t outside. It could also be because it is too dry outside and they are searching for water. They are also attracted to some electric equipment, pumps, and wells. Either way, the scouts will find food and water and let the rest of the colony know. You could go to bed one night and wake up to an ant feast in your kitchen the next morning!

We are getting a lot of calls for people needing help with ants and also seeing people on Twitter and Facebook talking about the ants invading their homes. No doubt, many of you are already experiencing them or will be soon. Don’t wait until you have a mess to deal with. Call us today and let us take care of those pesky ants once and for all.

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Termites survive in cold weather

corner-termite-damageTermites will survive in cold weather. They continue to function throughout fall and winter. Termites do not hibernate. I found termite activity recently on an extremely cold day. In Oklahoma, it does not stay below freezing long enough to detour termites from foraging for food. Food being dead or decaying trees, bushes, lumber stacked on the ground or our homes! I’ve heard from many customers that they did not feel it was necessary to treat for termites in the winter. Please do not fall for that. Termites are survivors and will survive and do more damage if left alone or untreated. Please take advantage of our free termite inspections and have us come out and inspect. Email us or call today.

Fall Season Preparations

With cold weather approaching insects are making their way towards shelter. The shelter can be our homes. Leaves are falling and collecting fall-picaround our homes. With falling temperatures, many types of ground cover will wilt and die. The combination of leaves and wilted ground cover in our gardens are the perfect places for insects to take shelter. As part of the fall pest control prevention plan, it is wise to keep the exterior of our homes free from fall debris. Fall always brings out the spiders, ants, and many other crawling insects. Not only cleaning up the fall debris but also having the exterior perimeter of your home chemically treated for pest will help prevent nasty pest from entering your home.

I also want to reiterate the necessity of having your home inspected for termites during fall and winter. It is a myth that termites go away during cold months. Oklahoma does not stay cold enough long enough to combat termites. I have found live termites feeding on fall debris and wood stacks next to homes in freezing temperatures. Again keep debris raked up and do not stack firewood up against your home in the winter or any time of year. Please call us for a free termite inspection any time of the year. Stay proactive to protect your investment.