Think it’s time for a roach treatment?

20141021_084906Cockroaches are a very filthy insect. The German cockroach is the most challenging to gain control of after they have been allowed to infest. Their dead bodies and feces are extremely hazardous to our health. Especially to our respiratory systems. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had customers that have roach infestations tell me that they feel sick or run down all the time. It is even worse for young children or the elderly causing asthma and upper resistor sickness.

It is best to get started treating as soon as you find evidence. They will infest quickly. The Bug Guy will use a combination of chemical, bait, and dust for our treatments. It can definitely take more than one treatment to gain control of an infestation. Getting rid of clutter and deep cleaning will help in gaining control. It takes a unified effort to achieve quicker results when treating for roaches.

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It is time to watch out for a pesky spiders

orb-weaverIt is so disturbing to walk through your yard and walk through a spider web. I really do not like it when I’m taking the trash out at night and step through a spider web. It always leaves me wondering where the spider ended up after I disturbed the web. I really do not like it when I feel it walking across my shoulder! These pesky orb spiders have a bite but are not toxic. However, I do not like getting bit at all. This is the time of year that they are flourishing! The little webs that are flying through the air have a baby orb-weaving spider attached. It never fails that my truck picks up lots of these webs and then I start finding the immature spiders infesting my truck.

Yes, I understand that their whole purpose in life is to eat other insects and grow larger. I feel that I have my ways of eliminating insects other than having to wait for the orb weavers to do their job. Plus again I do not enjoy accidentally walking through their webs. A female orb weaver can have up to 3000 eggs in one sack! So as much as I enjoyed watching Charlotte’s Web I do believe I will eliminate these pesky spiders around my home and can do this for you also.

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Yard pests are very active right now!

istock_000017254799_largeThere are many yard pest that can infest your yard. Two of the main yard pests right now are armyworms and mole crickets.

Armyworms are pests that will come in droves and march side by side through a yard giving them the name Army worms. They look like a greenish caterpillar. They will eat grass and really prefer Bermuda grass. If you see brown patches in your yard it can be armyworm activity. They are very active at night and like to hide in tall grass, ground cover or under leaves.

Many times people mistake mole cricket activity for armyworm activity. Mole crickets push out dirt while building their tunnels. The dirt piles look similar to ant mounds. One way to tell the difference is that there is a larger hole somewhere around the middle. This hole is much larger than what an ant pile entrance is. Mole crickets can also feed on grasses and their roots.

We can treat for both insects ( mole crickets and armyworms). The treatment is basically the same. Please call or email us if you would like more information. We are a locally owned and understand the pest control issues of the Oklahoma City Metro.

Fleas are Here

istock_000032931008_largeFleas are being reported all around Oklahoma City. We are taking many calls. The Bug Guy recommends 2 treatments 7-10 days apart to get rid of fleas.

Adult fleas lay many eggs on any type of surface. We will come in and spray with an EGR added to our chemical. An EGR is a reproductive inhibitor that will affect them from laying more eggs. The first treatment will kill most of the fleas but the eggs will still hatch. This is why we recommend a 2nd treatment 7-10 days later.

We recommend vacuuming but not mopping after the treatments.  Once you know that the fleas are gone, then we recommend having your carpets shampooed, and mop hard surfaces that can be mopped.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions and to schedule your treatment.

Winter Time Pests

871388-bigthumbnailI have noticed with the constant change of the weather that insects have remained resilient to these changes. I have seen activity in many different areas. Insects do not hibernate. They must survive and they do. It is helpful to continue to keep the fall leaves raked up from around your house and yard. This will help aid in cutting down harboring areas where insects thrive. Also having your home sprayed around the exterior and interior of your home to prevent any insect infestations. Call The Bug Guy if anything is “Bugging” you.

Termites Vs. Earthquakes

istock_000027053202_largeI have had many people ask me just how much damage can termites cause. My answer to that is that termites can cause major damage if left untreated. So much that they are the cause of more structural damage than earthquakes and storms combined. It is unfortunate that these days we have to insure our homes against earthquakes and storms. I would have never imagined that I would be purchasing insurance to cover earthquake damage. I’m glad that I am actually able to purchase earthquake insurance. One thing to think about is that these small earthquakes are causing hairline cracks in the slabs. Major storms such as tornados can do the same thing. It is vital to have a Termite inspection performed for these reasons. There is no insurance company that will insure a home against termite damage. Catch this damage causing insect before they can do too much damage to your home. We offer fr
ee termite inspections.
The only way to ensure that you can stay termite free is to have an inspection and consider having a preventative Termite treatment performed. We treat with the most up to date chemical on the market: Termidor H.E. Please contact us for a free inspection.

Fall season Pest

With Fall arriving we have Fall pest to contend with. After having plenty of moisture lately all insects have thrived. The Bug Guy has taken istock_000008715572_mediummany calls on beetles, crickets and spiders. Spiders are thriving on all these other insects. I am real tired of walking through webs everywhere and then wondering if those spiders are somewhere on me now. I strongly suggest keeping yards mowed and edged well. Also, be sure and get rid of piles of leaves which are a breeding ground for many species of insects and spiders.

If you decide to travel through the holidays keep an eye out for bed bugs. Yes, they are on the rise. Inspect hotel rooms around the bed, headboards and pictures on walls for signs of bed bugs before unpacking. The bug itself can grow up to a 1/4 inch, they are reddish brown after a feeding and will leave small black or red spots. This is their feces that they leave after a feeding. If you see signs in a room ask for a different room.

Of course, if you need an inspection call The Bug Guy.

The most up to date version of Termidor

istock_000006240519_largeThe Bug Guy is now using the most up to date version of Termidor, which is America’s #1 termite defense product.  The Termidor HE version attaches to the soil better providing longer protection. It is also the most green version requiring less water in its mixture. Notify us if you have any questions.

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Protect Your Home from Termites this Fall

Termite season is a very active one right now in Oklahoma, since this summer has been very wet and humid. Termites live in humid areas, termitesand due to the more than normal humidity, they haven’t run out of moisture yet and aren’t dying.

This produces a problem for home-owners and business-owners in Oklahoma. It is very important that if you believe you may have a
termite infestation that you call an exterminator right away to have your buildings and structures inspected.

The Bug Guy offers free termite inspections, so give us a call today at 405-973-5522 or schedule a free inspection online!