Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are parasitic insects found in cities around the world and Oklahoma. They feed on blood, especially human. The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is the most famous species of bed bugs. The name “bed bug” comes from the insect’s preferred habitat of houses, especially beds. Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal and can almost always feed without being noticed.


Bed Bugs are strictly hematophagous or bloodsucking insects. They feed on human blood as well as other warm blooded hosts. A bed bug can feed for five to ten minutes before becoming completely engorged with blood. Bed bugs have six stages of life, and they shed their skin throughout multiple stages of their lives. These bugs must shed six times before becoming fertile adults.

Bed bugs can contribute to a number of health effects including skin rashes and allergy problems. Homes can become infested very easily. Bed bugs can come into your home from guests visiting, infested clothes or furniture brought into your home, wild animals, or household pets. Some signs that you may have bed bugs are bites, fecal spots, blood smear on beds, and shedding from the bugs.

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Bed bugs are usually nocturnal, which makes them hard to spot. They can be found in dark crevices, and their eggs can be found nested into fabric seams. They usually stay close to their hosts near beds or couches. You or an exterminator may also find bed bugs in the following areas:

  • mattress pillow top
  • box springs
  • dresser drawers
  • couches
  • curtains or drapes
  • unused appliances
  • behind switch plates
  • cracks and crevices

Don’t let bed bugs hide in these high risk areas of your home or business in the OKC metro.
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