With Fall arriving we have Fall pest to contend with. After having plenty of moisture lately all insects have thrived. The Bug Guy has taken istock_000008715572_mediummany calls on beetles, crickets and spiders. Spiders are thriving on all these other insects. I am real tired of walking through webs everywhere and then wondering if those spiders are somewhere on me now. I strongly suggest keeping yards mowed and edged well. Also, be sure and get rid of piles of leaves which are a breeding ground for many species of insects and spiders.

If you decide to travel through the holidays keep an eye out for bed bugs. Yes, they are on the rise. Inspect hotel rooms around the bed, headboards and pictures on walls for signs of bed bugs before unpacking. The bug itself can grow up to a 1/4 inch, they are reddish brown after a feeding and will leave small black or red spots. This is their feces that they leave after a feeding. If you see signs in a room ask for a different room.

Of course, if you need an inspection call The Bug Guy.