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If it bugs you call The Bug Guy. The Bug Guy performs all phases of pest control in the Oklahoma City Metro area including termite elimination. We also provide termite certificates for real estate transactions. The Bug Guy is family owned and operated. We do not require customers to sign up on contracts. The Bug Guy can offer pest control plans or do a one time treatment, we will cater to your needs. So again if it bugs you call The Bug Guy.

Common Household Pests


Termites are wood-destroying insects common in most of Oklahoma. They cause millions of dollars in damage annually.The probability that termites will attack wooden structures within 10 to 20 years of being built is greater than 70% in Oklahoma. Termite attacks may begin as early as one year after construction. Let The Bug Guy help you with our professional line of defense. We treat termites where they live using only the industries best product, Termidor, to stop termites dead in their tracks!

Wasps & Yellow Jackets

Due to their large colony size and defensive nature, Yellow Jackets are more aggressive than paper wasps. Yellow Jackets have effective means of defending their colonies. They often have “guards” at their nest entrances, and the colony can easily be disturbed by rapid movement and vibrations near the nest. For this reason, one will almost certainly be stung if a lawn mower or trimmer is used near a Yellow Jacket nest. In some species, an alarm chemical is released upon stinging that causes nest mates to join the attack.


Fleas pass through a complete life cycle consisting of egg, larva, pupa and adult. A typical flea population consists of 50 percent eggs, 35 percent larvae, 10 percent pupae and 5 percent adults. Completion of the life cycle from egg to adult varies from two weeks to eight months depending on the temperature, humidity, food, and species. Normally after a flea has fed off its host, the female flea lays about 15 to 20 eggs per day up to 600 in a lifetime usually on the host (family pets, livestock, wild animals, humans, etc.). Eggs loosely laid in the hair coat can fall out almost anywhere the host rests or eats. No place in a home is safe from fleas.

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