Brown Recluse Spiders

Adult Brown Recluse spiders are yellowish-tan to dark brown. They have long, thin gray to dark brown legs covered with very short, dark hairs. The most distinguishing mark on a brown recluse spider is the presence of a dark brown or black violin or fiddle on its back with the violin’s “neck” pointing toward the rear of its body. Learn more about Brown Recluse Spiders.

Black Widow Spiders

Adult female black widow spiders are glossy black with an hourglass shaped marking on the underside of its abdomen which is red. The male spider’s hourglass color is yellow to white to various shades of orange and red. They also bear a small, usually red (colors vary) dot near the spinnerets, which is separate from the hourglass. Learn more about Black Widow Spiders.

Hobo Spiders

Hobo Spiders are brown and measure roughly 12 to 18 mm in length. Their legs show no distinct rings and have short hairs. Their abdomens have several chevron shaped markings. Males are distinctively different from females in that they have two large palps that look like boxing gloves. Learn more about Hobo Spiders.

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