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Fire Ants

 While most species of ants are fairly passive with humans, the fire ant is invasive and predatory. It’s not uncommon for a human or animal to be attacked by hundreds of fire ants in a matter of moments if they happen to passively wander across a colony.

Fire ants are pesky little creatures that render a very painful bite. If you happen to step in a mound without shoes on, you may suffer the consequences for days.

Do you want to stop fire ants before they cause a harmful situation for your children or your pets?

The Bug Guy provides an affordable, effective solution for exterminating fire ants from your home and property. Our professional fire ant control service provides long term relief and eliminates fire ants for the long term using a process called “granulating.” This method has proven the most effective in fire ant control and is ideal for prevention of fire ant infestation.

The Bug Guy offers complete, customized fire ant control to meet your needs and budget.

With your initial service, one of our expert exterminators will conduct a complete and detailed inspection to find fire ant mounds. We also search out other potential fire ant hide outs by inspecting hidden areas where fire ants generally congregate such as around electrical lines.

High Risk Areas

Because ants need moisture to survive, they are notorious for infesting kitchens and bathrooms. Ants are also found in well-watered garden areas.