What to Do if These Eight-Legged Creatures Bite You

Oklahoma is home to a wide range of spiders, some of which can pose a danger to humans. However, the negative reputation of some of Oklahoma’s spiders is unearned. Read on to learn more about some of Oklahoma’s most common and well-known spiders.

Brown recluse.

People fear the brown recluse for a reason – its bite injects venom that can be toxic to humans, particularly the very young and the very old. You can most easily identify brown recluses by their brown color and the distinctive fiddle-shaped markings on the back.

Brown recluses hide in quiet areas such as cabinets, shoes, and under furniture during the day, but may come out in search of food at night. If a brown recluse bites you, you may experience an immediate painful reaction, but the long-lasting effects of brown recluse venom are the real danger. Their venom can kill skin tissue to an extent that may require skin grafts and six to eight weeks to heal. Seek medical attention.

Black widow.

The country’s most well-known venomous spider is also native to Oklahoma. Their large, shiny, black abdomens easily distinguish black widows, as well as the distinctive red hourglass on the underside. You can find them most often in crevices provided by manmade structures.

Black widows inject their victims with a neurotoxin that can affect the nervous system, but usually produces flu-like symptoms. However, the very young and the very old can be at a greater risk for further injury by black widows. Seek medical attention in the case of a black widow bite.

Wolf spiders.

Wolf spiders are often confused with brown recluse spiders. Though fearsome in name and appearance, these large, furry brown striped spiders do not typically harm humans; though their bites may be painful, wolf spiders are not venomous. Wolf spiders are helpful creatures, as they eat other insects – as well as other spiders – in your home.

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