istock_000027053202_largeI have had many people ask me just how much damage can termites cause. My answer to that is that termites can cause major damage if left untreated. So much that they are the cause of more structural damage than earthquakes and storms combined. It is unfortunate that these days we have to insure our homes against earthquakes and storms. I would have never imagined that I would be purchasing insurance to cover earthquake damage. I’m glad that I am actually able to purchase earthquake insurance. One thing to think about is that these small earthquakes are causing hairline cracks in the slabs. Major storms such as tornados can do the same thing. It is vital to have a Termite inspection performed for these reasons. There is no insurance company that will insure a home against termite damage. Catch this damage causing insect before they can do too much damage to your home. We offer fr
ee termite inspections.
The only way to ensure that you can stay termite free is to have an inspection and consider having a preventative Termite treatment performed. We treat with the most up to date chemical on the market: Termidor H.E. Please contact us for a free inspection.