istock_000032931008_largeFleas are being reported all around Oklahoma City. We are taking many calls. The Bug Guy recommends 2 treatments 7-10 days apart to get rid of fleas.

Adult fleas lay many eggs on any type of surface. We will come in and spray with an EGR added to our chemical. An EGR is a reproductive inhibitor that will affect them from laying more eggs. The first treatment will kill most of the fleas but the eggs will still hatch. This is why we recommend a 2nd treatment 7-10 days later.

We recommend vacuuming but not mopping after the treatments.  Once you know that the fleas are gone, then we recommend having your carpets shampooed, and mop hard surfaces that can be mopped.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions and to schedule your treatment.