istock_000017254799_largeThere are many yard pest that can infest your yard. Two of the main yard pests right now are armyworms and mole crickets.

Armyworms are pests that will come in droves and march side by side through a yard giving them the name Army worms. They look like a greenish caterpillar. They will eat grass and really prefer Bermuda grass. If you see brown patches in your yard it can be armyworm activity. They are very active at night and like to hide in tall grass, ground cover or under leaves.

Many times people mistake mole cricket activity for armyworm activity. Mole crickets push out dirt while building their tunnels. The dirt piles look similar to ant mounds. One way to tell the difference is that there is a larger hole somewhere around the middle. This hole is much larger than what an ant pile entrance is. Mole crickets can also feed on grasses and their roots.

We can treat for both insects ( mole crickets and armyworms). The treatment is basically the same. Please call or email us if you would like more information. We are a locally owned and understand the pest control issues of the Oklahoma City Metro.