orb-weaverIt is so disturbing to walk through your yard and walk through a spider web. I really do not like it when I’m taking the trash out at night and step through a spider web. It always leaves me wondering where the spider ended up after I disturbed the web. I really do not like it when I feel it walking across my shoulder! These pesky orb spiders have a bite but are not toxic. However, I do not like getting bit at all. This is the time of year that they are flourishing! The little webs that are flying through the air have a baby orb-weaving spider attached. It never fails that my truck picks up lots of these webs and then I start finding the immature spiders infesting my truck.

Yes, I understand that their whole purpose in life is to eat other insects and grow larger. I feel that I have my ways of eliminating insects other than having to wait for the orb weavers to do their job. Plus again I do not enjoy accidentally walking through their webs. A female orb weaver can have up to 3000 eggs in one sack! So as much as I enjoyed watching Charlotte’s Web I do believe I will eliminate these pesky spiders around my home and can do this for you also.

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