20141021_084906Cockroaches are a very filthy insect. The German cockroach is the most challenging to gain control of after they have been allowed to infest. Their dead bodies and feces are extremely hazardous to our health. Especially to our respiratory systems. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had customers that have roach infestations tell me that they feel sick or run down all the time. It is even worse for young children or the elderly causing asthma and upper resistor sickness.

It is best to get started treating as soon as you find evidence. They will infest quickly. The Bug Guy will use a combination of chemical, bait, and dust for our treatments. It can definitely take more than one treatment to gain control of an infestation. Getting rid of clutter and deep cleaning will help in gaining control. It takes a unified effort to achieve quicker results when treating for roaches.

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