hiresPeople often ask me when are termites active. They are active in Oklahoma City all year. Yes, it is a fact that spring is the most active time. The swarmers come out in spring and in rare times right before fall. The swarmers are only looking to start a new colony. The swarmers will come out of different areas in droves! The swarmers will try to find a mate and if they find the right soil conditions, start a new colony. The swarmers themselves do not do the damage to wood like the workers do. If a swarmer does not find a mate within a few days, they will drop their wings and then die within a few days.

Termite workers, however, work all year long eating providing nutrients to the rest of the colony. I have found live termite workers under a 2 x 4 that was laying up against the outside of a house in 28 degree weather. So it is a myth that termites go away in the winter months! The main termites that we deal with in Oklahoma are Eastern subterranean termites. They do colonize under the ground. In rare occasions will they colonize in gutters or on flat roofs that may have collected soil on top of a roof.

I highly recommend having your house inspected at least once a year especially if it has not been treated within 5 years. Even brand new houses need to be inspected after 1-2 years for termite activity. Give us a call and set up your free termite inspection. The only time we charge for a termite inspection is if the house has a crawl space, is outside the greater OKC area or if you need a report for a real estate transaction.